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About The Harp Moving Board

What Is the Harp Moving Board?

New Improved Design

Easier to assemble. Only 8 screws to attach


16 pounds (7.2 kg)


59" (149.8cm)


33" (83.8 cm).


Sturdy construction with high-quality plywood

Strong but lightweight aluminum tubing

Protective black carpet foam

Comfortable tube handles

Large 4" casters

How to move a Harp on your own in under 15 seconds. Is it possible for one person to move a Harp quickly and easily? The answer is YES!!!

Yes, as a single woman who plays the Harp professionally, I had to devise a way to move the Harp on my own, without the help of my neighbors, husband, friends or my children. I invented the Harp Moving Board 25 years ago. In the beginning it was a rudimentary design, but it worked, I could put the Harp on the board and get it into my vehicle quickly. Then I thought of all the women (mostly) who had to find someone to help lift and move their Harps for them, and I knew I wanted to share this design with everyone. I streamlined the design, and started to manufacture the board. It first appeared at the Vancouver World Harp Congress in 2011. I remember how interested the husbands were in buying the board so that they could “stay home” while their wives went out to perform on their own. I sold several boards at that time but found that the shipping was very expensive and so back to the drawing board to work on a new design that could be shipped for approximately a $100. This design is that design, and is now affordable for most.

Harp Moving Board

I have worked with local Harp builders in manufacturing these boards. These boards are not factory manufactured, or made in another country, they are made by one local builder here near Vancouver, B.C Canada, with lots of love and care, and are available to be shipped within a week to most places in North America.

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